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UPDATE! DeMiGoDs Origins will be available for purchase as a Graphic Novel very soon! I'm working with my publishers to bring this story to you. Soon you'll know the premise of the Video Game and possible movie Feature. I appreciate all of my followers, fans, and loyal customers. I can't wait to bring you something new. Hold on to your seats cause this is going to get exciting! 


About Us


Hey Fans of Fiction

I'm so excited to introduce you to a whole new world of DeMiGoDs. I've always been a creative and passionate person with a drive the doesn't surpass others. It's just a little bit on the extraordinary side. I'm currently finishing up some schooling but while doing so I've decided to explore that creative side. 


DeMiGoDs Origins

That's my first title, this novel has really explored my capacities in making sure my characters aren't just alive in my mind. But they'll come to life in yours as you read through. Do you worry this is just the first book of my series and there should be many more to come. Come an enjoy all the adventures and trouble my Demigods get into. 


Releases This Year!

My goal is to have my book readily available both digitally and physically by the end of this year! Please feel free to contact me, i'm an open book. If you're curious to learn more about availability. Or maybe you'd just like to see if there's an opportunity for you here. Don't hesitate to reach out, I love a good chat! 


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Any and all information received through our site is not sold or solicited by anyone other then DeMiGoDs LLC. We want you to have the latest information first. We appreciate your business and your friendship. Your privacy is very important to us.