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UPDATE! DeMiGoDs Origins will be available for purchase as a Graphic Novel very soon! I'm working with my publishers to bring this story to you. Soon you'll know the premise of the Video Game and possible movie Feature. I appreciate all of my followers, fans, and loyal customers. I can't wait to bring you something new. Hold on to your seats cause this is going to get exciting! 


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Game Development

All Kinds of Games


While I focus on PVP games, I also try to play all the latest RPGs and FPS games. When I started taking video games more seriously, I dabbled in PVP competitions. Lately, I mostly spend my time sharing my PVP videos with the world, talking about tactics and the rules of the road to make gameplay better for all of us.

Bringing the Game to You


Check back in for Team Streamer times. You don't want to miss the fun!

About Me


I can't remember when I didn't play video games. I still revisit some of the classic games for speed runs and a nostalgia kick. On the rare days when I'm not streaming, I like to get out to the wilderness and hike/travel. In a world filled with electronics its wonderful and peaceful just to reconnect with your surroundings. 

film/tv Production

If it entertains, we're game


Action, Drama, Horror, Love/Romantic, Comedy, I can appreciate and love all types of films. Why not add that little something that set you apart. If we can't do it it can't be done!

Movies and Television more real then ever


Perfection can sometimes be very difficult and expensive when attempting some stunts. We can make it easier and much cheaper without loosing that Big Box Quality.

Don't take it out


Make every shot count, living in a fantasy world shouldn't be hard to achieve. Capture it on film with DeMiGoDs Productions. Striving for perfection is our daily routine!


Just a little gaming footage! Enjoy this player he's excellent


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