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Who am I?

This is always the most challenging question for me to answer. I'm simply a small guy stuck in the middle of Iowa with an imagination that has always run wild. I've always written in a journal, i keep sticky notes and papers all over (you never know when your going to have a good idea). But I ultimately love people and love to bring joy to them. I can't wait to release my first Novel, I'd love all the feedback I can get. 

Did you say Novel? What type?

A little background about me; I first left home right after High School as most of us did. I attended Rhema Bible College for a short while before I joined the military. I served as long as I could and was released medically. After the military I traveled and traveled. I loved it! I got to meet so many new faces. I got to experience life in so many different cultures. These experiences can humble the hardest of hearts. Through my journeys I've always had crazy ideas about characters for a story. Some direct reference to people I've met. But I needed something that really set my story apart from everyone else. My Novel is a cross between love & action/adventure. It will keep you on your toes and have you desiring more. 

Please Note: This novel will be the main story line to my first Major Title that will be released on all platforms in approximately 2 years. I will have more information on a release date within the next 6 months. Stay tuned for more! 

Fiction is so fun

I love fiction, this is the best way i know how to put my thoughts to paper. I can only hope that you all enjoy this book just as I do. The journey has been long, but it's only the beginning. Thanks again for all the support! 


Timothy J Dvorak

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A small office from my home, join me in the journey of developing a new major novel. The first of several will be made available to the public this year! Want to know how you get your hands on a First Edition?  Let me hear from you. Thank you for all the support through this process!


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This company is owned & operated by me, who would have thought building an empire and going to school full-time would cost so much :P If you feel motivated to donate to help me produce please feel free. Every penny helps! 

Cheers! Fiction Followers! 

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